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The Village Hall Management Committee

The Management Committee is a group of volunteers who are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the village hall as a facility to benefit the local community.

The Committee aims to promote use of the hall as means for people to get together socially, and would like to encourage everyone within the Parish and the surrounding area to make use of the hall.  In addition they will organise some fundraising to ensure that the running costs of the hall can be covered.

Current fundraising activities include the Annual Rounders Match between Rumford and Penrose (usually held on the Sunday of the August Bank Holiday weekend), and a Family Event held each Spring.

The current committee members are:-

William Wood (Chairman)

Rose Clemens

Pedro Curgenven

Sarah McLachlan

Melanie Morphew

Carl Powell

Richard Sandry

Hannah Simpson

John Skinner

Jo Redgewell (Treasurer & Bookings Officer)

Tim Redgewell (Secretary)

If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact Tim Redgewell (Tel: 01841 540954)

Photos on this page: working party organised by the Committee to clear the car park. February 2018

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